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past, present, and future

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Westtown School is an independent co-ed Quaker boarding and day school located in Chester County, PA. It was founded in 1799 by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.


Welcome to the Westtown School LJ community. There's a growing number of Westonians on LJ, so I thought it would simplify things to create a community. So far, there are really no rules, but please remain civil and avoid bashing people personally. Currently it's my policy not to delete anything, but if it's abused I will feel free to change it. :-D I'll inform you formally in that case.

Feel free to talk about anything here. My main purpose was to create a place for Westonians to talk about classes, checkouts, work program, colleges, memories, plans, etc., but healthy debate is a good thing too.

This community is open to all, so feel free to join if you have any interest in Westtown.

- CR '03